History of the Part Time Addicts

The original founders of the PTA (ChurroDave, Lost Castle, Zaring & Ballzz), founded the community together after being in a community that was built on drama, an “All for me” mentality, and a “It’s my way or the Highway” attitude, driven by what some would call poor leadership to say the least. We all felt like we were being pushed away or didn’t belong anytime we spoke up in that community’s events or get-togethers.

One day, all that boiled over and we left, one by one, saying our peace to the rest of the community. That’s when the Part Time Addicts started.
Who We Are

The Part Time Addicts represents a community of people who enjoy taking a break from “real life” to hang out with people who they call friends and family.

Lost Castle, aka “Lost”. Lost has been known to frequent Minecraft servers and build large aesthetic structures in multiple build styles. He is also known for disappearing weeks or months at a time. (hence the short abbreviation of his name “Lost”)